My Favorite Guillotine Cutting Tools + Fun Craft Hacks

Hi lovely crafty friends, today I have the Tim Holtz Guillotine Trimmers in the spotlight, I am a big fan of guillotine cutters and I like the fact that these trimmers come in two sizes. 

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Today I have a short video about the Tim Holtz Guillotine trimmer, I tell why I like them and
I show you some cool craft hacks you can do with both tools. So make sure to watch the short video to learn all about the trimmers and see the fun Craft Hacks.

First this is the Tonic Studios Tim Holtz - 8.5 Inch Comfort Trimmer ( SBC | CST | CST | TNCUK | TNC ) what I like about it that it’s small and cute not very important but fun. It's a nice compact size perfect for cardmakers and for crafting on the go.

It works really smooth it’s super easy to cut with the handle with the blade moves so easy
when you lift it up it stays up so it doesn’t fall down on your hands.

When you are cutting always press the finger help down so the paper stays in place and you get a nice straight cut. There is also a grid on the platform that you can use to line up the paper. 

I think it’s a quarter of an inch, I’m not sure as I am not an inch person I am a centimeter person:-)
And there are also measurements for cards on here so you can use that too.

It has two rulers one at the bottom and one at the top with the little ridges to line up the paper
and what I also like is that is has the centimeter and inch size on the rulers
When you want to make a card you can line it up along the ridge on top or bottom

And then it's big sibling the Tonic Studios Tim Holtz 12.25in / 31cm Maxi Guillotine ( CST | TNCUK | CRF | TNC | SBC ) The big guillotine is great if you want to cut bigger pieces of paper

There is place for paperclips and this is magnetic a cool feature I never use but it’s there so I wanted to show you.

The big trimmer also has rulers at top and bottom and also one in the middle and all rulers are with inch and centimeters also on this trimmer.

There is also an extension arm you can use to extend your cutter to the full oversize 12 by 12 inch making it perfect for scrapbook papers.

When you want to store it or for crafting on the go, you can take of the handle and extension arm and store it underneath.

So that's the quick post for today. Thanks for stopping by and make sure to keep on crafting!

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