Winter style Bird house

Birdhouses are really "all spring", but they are also super fun to pimp in winter style, fun to brighten up your house in the dark months or hang in the tree.

I decorated  this birdhouse with Viva Decor Venetia stein,  it’s a super cool stone effect paint suitable for many different materials.

The bird house has a beautiful string that best should stay clean, I have attached a piece of rope on the cord and pulled the cord inside the house, the rope I left hanging out, so when the house is done I can pull the clean string back into place.

The birdhouse I've painted with the Venetia stein effect paint Bianco. The clear instructions are included in the packaging of the complete set. Then I let it dry.

I have lines Tacky glue applied and then sprinkles on the seed beads and let dry.
With viva de cor 3D lack I made dots, a small piece apart from each other so they do not touch. Leave it to dry. After that I applied a layer of Venetia stein on the lack 3D.

With Tacky glue I made lines and then sprinkled Viva Decor Eiskristall, this glue dries clear, and therefore it is brightening effect very visible.
On top I added a layer of snow and then also sprinkled the Eiskristall for extra shine. Whenever leave everything to dry for the next step.

As a finishing touch, I dipped flowers in Tsukineko Versamark and with a brush that shine silver gray arranged for some extra shine and stuck the flowers.

Happy crafting!

Gerry van der Velden

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