Hedge hogs and woods card #6

Today I want to show card #6 in the series Marianne Design designer of the month.
With cute animal picture Mattie's winter animals as center and a "wooden plank" background with a twist. It is the most simple card in the series, I think, though I could not help making a pile again:-)

I have a sheet of paper from the Canadian fall block distressed the edges and glued it to a Kraft 
card .

Then I cut strips from the wood print paper, from 3 strips I have distressed the edges, the other two strips I embossed with te design embossing folder and then lightly sanded it to bring out the relief better. 

I'm really fond of embossingfolder and I think it's great fun to use different techniques for getting a different look.

I taped the strips to the card, the embossed strips I cut through the middle to make them fit exactly to both sides.

I cut out the hedge hog picture and glued it on Papicolor paper and cut it out as a mat.

I always like to do things just a bit different, this is the third card with the Christmas tree die and I used it not once as tree :-)
Then I cut the quarter circles with christmas tree die, and I cut them into 3 pieces. I divided and glued them behind the circle.
I lightly sanded the edges.

I wrapped a piece of rope around the card and taped it to the front, on the I took a short rope to tie it together and glued it so that the inside also has a nice finish.

The picture I have glued to the card with a hot glue gun, so it seems to float slightly.

Finally I made a bow and glued it under the picture.
And on top of that a flower, which I colored with spray.

Happy Crafting!

Gerry van der Velden

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